App Review: MyScript Calculator


Unfortunately my favorite simple calculator, Operations, is no longer available for the iPad. Although, if you’ve downloaded it before it was removed from the App Store, you can still download it by clicking on the “Purchased” tab. Unfortunately, if you haven’t you’re out of luck. However, in my research to find a valid replacement of a free and ad-free simple calculator I stumbled upon MyScript Calculator. All other simple calculators were not ad-free or had to be paid for so this is my next recommendation. It’s different but I actually like how it works. There are no buttons like standard calculator apps. Instead you write your operation with your finger or stylus. MyScript effortlessly translates your handwriting and quickly calculates it right before your eyes.

MyScript supports the basic operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – as well as exponents, square roots, percentages, absolute values, trigonometry, constants (pi, e, phi…), logarithms, (quantities), and factorials! 😉 I tried to do cubed roots but it wouldn’t register correctly. I even tried raising a number to the 1/3 power to see if that would work but it didn’t. So there are improvements that can be made. Hopefully there will be an update for this. Therefore this is more than a simple calculator and is almost capable of being called a scientific calculator. However, for most calculations this app certainly does the trick.

MyScript will even solve for variables for you. Use a question mark for your variable. Write out “4? + 12 = 72” for example and it will transform the equation with the value of x typed out in grey.


There are also helpful tutorial videos included in the app that will help you get the most out of it. Tips and tricks can be learned such as crossing out a term in an equation that has already been calculated and replacing it with a new term. Degree and Radian can be toggled. There are sharing options which takes a cropped screenshot of just the calculation within the app and you can choose to email it, tweet it, facebook it, or copy the image.


It may take some getting used to writing out your calculations rather than typing them out but MyScript Calculator does get the job done. It’s a simple and intuitive app to use. It’s free and unlike pretty much all other free calculator apps there are no ads. Perfect for students and teachers and anyone else needing to do some calculations. Available for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Download now for the iPad – Free

Download now for the iPhone – Free

Download now for Android – Free


Give it a try. Enjoy!

-Mr. Mendo



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