iPad App Review: Haiku Deck – a Simple & Fun Presentation App

Haiku Deck is a very friendly and easy to use iPad app that helps you to create beautiful presentations. It is so smooth and easy use that creating presentations actually becomes a joy.

It allows for just two lines of text per slide and as you type the text size changes so that it is always filling the slide horizontally. The idea is that the viewer shouldn’t be reading long paragraphs. It should be short and easy to read while the speaker still delivers the main content.

Adding pictures is a breeze. You can type any word and it does a search for images that you can select. Key words already typed on to your slide are made into buttons below the search bar so you can easily select them. So if your text said, “The Sights of Barcelona” then ‘Sights’ and ‘Barcelona’ would appear as options to search for. Click on a keyword or type in your own and it does an image search (via Flickr) and compiles them for you to choose from. You can, of course, also select one of your own photos to upload as well.

You can then choose a layout for how your two lines of text will appear. There aren’t that many layout choices actually; 14 in total. It may seem like enough but when making my first presentation I already realized there wasn’t a choice for where exactly I would have liked my text to appear juxtaposed with the background picture I had selected so I had to settle for one. The limited choices made me wish there was a way for me to manually move the text box to exactly where I want it.

Once you are done with creating your presentation you can use it in several different ways.  You can email it to yourself. You also have the choice of posting it to Facebook or Twitter. With these three options it uploads your presentation to HaikuDeck.com and it just sends out the link. This way your presentation isn’t just limited to your iPad. Any device with a internet connection can see it. And when you are using it as a presentation you can view it in fullscreen.

Here is an example so you can see for yourself what it looks like when it is uploaded HaikuDeck.com. Notice how the text is short and simple and the picture just really drives home the point:


Do you prefer Microsoft PowerPoint? You can also export it as a PowerPoint file (.pptx) and it is very simple to do. Just hit ‘Share’ then ‘Export.’ It will convert it and attach it to an email so you can send it to your computer.

If you have a video cable or Apple TV you can, of course, output your presentation that way also.

Overall Haiku Deck is a great app to make presentations easily, simply, and beautifully. And to top it all off it’s free too! No ads either. There is one in-app purchase you can make if you want. The app comes with five themes and you can buy eleven more for $1.99. These are just additional aesthetic options; it is still a full-featured app otherwise.

Give it a try; let me know what you think!

Free – Download Now



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  1. stropte

    If you just want to import powerpoint or pdf files and present them directly from the iPad you can try Presentation Note

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