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iPad App Review: Haiku Deck – a Simple & Fun Presentation App

Haiku Deck is a very friendly and easy to use iPad app that helps you to create beautiful presentations. It is so smooth and easy use that creating presentations actually becomes a joy.

It allows for just two lines of text per slide and as you type the text size changes so that it is always filling the slide horizontally. The idea is that the viewer shouldn’t be reading long paragraphs. It should be short and easy to read while the speaker still delivers the main content.

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Great Source for Digital Storytelling Apps & Sites

Erin Klein, author of educational blog site, has posted an excellent entry called 10 Apps & Sites for Digital Storytelling & more! Her site is a superb site for resources on technology in the classroom. Here is a sample of her post on digital storytelling as well as the source link.

10 Apps & Sites for Digital Storytelling & more!

    Have your Students Tell their Stories Digitally!

What is digital storytelling?

Students can tell their story in a digital manner the same as they would orally or on paper. Digital storytelling is simply applying one’s creative ideas in a manner that allows him or her to add multimedia (video, images, and audio) to their voice.

Why use digital storytelling?

Using technology can be engaging. We use a variety of mediums to tell stories in our class. Many of our stories start out as oral rehearsals. We tend to incorporate a variety of webs, outlines, fold-able templates, and graphic organizers to start our planning process. Sometimes I use MindMaple and Popplet to brainstorm ideas. Then we begin drafting our story using pencils and paper. However, Google Docs and Storybird are a great way to have students draft their stories on the computer. When we share our work, students enjoy the choice of creative outlet to express their learning. This is where we use a variety of tech tools to support our publishing efforts.

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How to Graph a Line Using a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to graph a line on a graphing calculator.

(Tested on a Texas Instrument TI-84 Plus)

1.) Press STAT and choose 1: EDIT.

2.) If there are numbers listed you will needed to clear the numbers. If it is already clear then go on to the next step. To clear the numbers:
Make sure L1 is highlighted, then press CLEAR, then press DOWN ARROW.
To clear the next column hit the ARROW BUTTONS until L2 is highlighted, then press CLEAR, the press DOWN ARROW.

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