How to upgrade your RAM on a MacBook or MacBook Pro

I would like to step away from iPad talk just to explain how simple it is to upgrade the RAM on your MacBook or MacBook Pro. If your MacBook is running slow but you’re just not ready to replace it upgrading the RAM is a very easy and very cheap option. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy or if you’ve never seen the inside of the computer this process is very simple to do. Most people would be nervous doing this just because the idea of opening a computer seems very scary. Rest assured, however, it is easy as putting legos together.

In this example I will be upgrading my RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB…

Of course, there is also the option of just going to the Apple Store and getting your computer upgraded at the Genius Bar, however, it is expensive and, even worse, if your MacBook is more than two years old they no longer support your computer! I called the Apple Store and told them my MacBook was the Late 2008 model and they said that they don’t even carry the RAM for that anymore and explained to me they only support MacBooks up to two years old. What a shame! I would think most people keep there MacBooks for much longer than that. Either way, Apple charges over $100 to upgrade the RAM for you anyway so you are saving a lot of money just by doing it yourself.

Getting Started

First, you’re going to need to order your RAM. Crucial is a great brand and their site makes it very simple to identify which kind you will need simply by selecting your manufacturer (Apple), product line (MacBook or MacBook Pro), and model. To identify your model, click on the Apple icon on the top left and click ‘About This Mac.’ The type of processor you have will be how you identify your model. If, however, you still are unsure Crucial also provides a scanner program you can download which will identify for you exactly which kind of RAM you need. I ordered 4 GB and it only came out to $30. 8 GB will run you $50. Crucial offers shipping for free! It said it would take 5 – 9 business days but I ordered mine on a Friday and got it on a Tuesday so it only took 3 business days for me. Of course if you want it faster you can pay for faster shipping.

Next, you’ll need a size 1.4 mm screw driver. I just bought a set of “jeweler screwdrivers” from Loews for $5 .

Upgrading your RAM

  • Turn your MacBook upside down and start unscrewing the only four visible screws.
  • Then press the lever in and it will pop open the smaller shell. You will see your hard drive on the left and your battery on the right.

  • You’ll notice etched on the back of the shell are three diagrams of how to remove the battery and hard drive.
  • First remove the battery by pulling the tab.
  • Then remove the hard drive by pulling the tab and pulling off the pin cover.
  • Unscrew the screw that is in the middle of a black piece next to where the hard drive was. The third diagram on the bottom of the shell shows an example of this.

  • Unscrew the other three screws that were revealed once the bottom shell was removed. This will open up the rest of your MacBook. Circled in red is where your RAM is located.

  • Just pull the small black clamps on either side to the outside and it will pop right up.

  • Then just pull the RAM out.
  • You’ll see a second one underneath where the first one was. Repeat the same process.
  • Now take your new RAM and put them into the slots. Your new RAM is now installed =)
  • Now all you have to do is put everything back as it was. Put the bigger shell back on and screw the three screws back in.
  • Screw the screw with the black piece back in.
  • Now as you put the battery back pull the lever that you used to pop open the first shell again and the battery should fall into place.
  • Then connect the pin cover back onto your hard drive and place your hard drive back in.
  • Connect the other shell.
  • Screw the last four screws back.
  • Boot up your computer. Click on the Apple logo on the top left and click on ‘About This Mac’ to verify your RAM is upgraded.

You’ll notice how much faster your computer is immediately =)

“Zoom zoom” says your MacBook 😉
-Mr. Mendo


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  1. Can i use 64 GB mac memory in my mac pro?

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