How to Afford iPads for the Classroom – Refurbished iPads

The Education Institution Discount is not the only way to save on iPads. Apple also sells refurbished iPads straight from their website. You can’t get the latest models but if you don’t mind settling for an iPad 2 or even an Original iPad you can buy them at a discount rate plus you still get the same 1-year warranty you would get when buying a brand new one. The refurbished iPads are also equipped with a new battery and a new outer-shell and they are all Apple Certified not to mention free shipping!

Apple Certified Refurbished

Fast, free shipping on all refurbished products.

We test and certify all Apple refurbished products and include a 1-year warranty.
All refurbished iPad models also include a brand new battery and outer shell.
Limited supplies, but updated frequently. Availability is guaranteed upon receipt of full payment.

The cheapest refurbished iPad is the Original iPad for $279 (with 16 GB and Wi-Fi only). The cheapest iPad 2 is $319 (with 16 GB and Wi-Fi only). This is $60 cheaper than buying them in bulk through the Education Institution Discount! It’s $80 cheaper than buying it brand new! For the cost of the cheapest New iPad (3rd Generation) you can get a 64GB iPad 2! That’s four times more storage space! The caveat is Apple’s site for purchasing refurbished iPads are in sync with their inventory and the cheapest iPads tend to sell out pretty quickly. You may have to keep checking their site to find the exact model you want. Here is the full list of prices:

iPad 2

  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only: $319
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only: $399
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi only: $499
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $529
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $629

Original iPad

  • 16 GB Wi-Fi: $279
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi: $349
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi: $449
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $379
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $549

Remember, if you decide to get the Original iPad it will not get the new iOS 6 and therefore will not have the Guided Access feature which will be a needed feature for teachers to keep students focused.

Take a look at the available models. Keep checking back if you don’t see the one you’re looking for; the site is updated often.

Apple Certified Refurbished iPads

Hope this helps!

-Mr. Mendo


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One response to “How to Afford iPads for the Classroom – Refurbished iPads

  1. Just stumbled on your blog. Big fan of you suggesting refurbished iPads for the classrooms. Great way for schools to increase their purchasing power – getting more iPads for their money and in turn helps move towards the 1:1 iPad initiatives that many schools are striving for.

    If you’re ever in the market for more, would welcome you to check us out. We often have many certified-refurbished iPads listed for sale on our site. Pricing is decent especially on the original iPads and iPad 2s now that the mini was released. Look forward to keeping up with any future posts of yours! Thanks for sharing.


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