iOS Tip: Typing with a Stylus

As mentioned in my previous post about the split keyboard, my preferred method of typing on the iPad is to use a stylus. I find that no matter what position I’m in or how long I have to write for, I am most comfortable typing with a stylus. It doesn’t just stop there though as the stylus replaces your finger’s interaction with the iPad such as clicking on icons, browsing the internet, and are especially helpful with drawing apps such as Paper by FiftyThree. I find using the iPad with a stylus is a lot more comfortable but my point is that typing with a stylus is the most efficient and timely method in my opinion.

I’ve seen a number of different kinds at Best Buy and they range from $10 – $40. I haven’t tried all the different kinds but there really isn’t much to them as long as they are sensitive enough for the iPad anyone will do the trick.

-Mr. Mendo



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