App Review: Paper by FiftyThree – A Drawing App for the iPad

A great app I found for drawing is called Paper by FiftyThree. It’s got a great user experience with personalized journal covers, great page-turning visuals, and just an overall fun drawing app.

You can first create your own journal and give it a name and a cover using preloaded pictures or your own pictures to personalize it. This will be great for students to have their own journal even if the iPad itself is shared among other students.


From there your journal opens up to reveal empty pages. Pick a page and you are given a pen with nine different colors and an eraser. From there you are free to draw whatever you want. The application of this in the classroom is plentiful and students will enjoy exploring their creativity. Other than the calligraphy pen that is included in the app there are four other writing utensils that you can buy for $2.00 each which is a pencil for sketches, a bold marker, a pen for writing words, and a water brush for painting. There is a way to test each of them before buying them but students can seriously do a lot with just the free calligraphy pen.

When students are done with their drawings they can save them and email them to the teacher or to themselves if they would like to keep it as well. This makes it very easy for students to submit their work.

In just the few days I’ve played with this app, I have made some drawings I am quite proud of despite my lack of artistic ability. On my free time I’ve been trying to learn Spanish using (another app called Learn Spanish* which Spanish teachers may want to take a look at) and I’ve been using this drawing app to draw pictures of Spanish phrases to help me remember. Click on each pic to get a bigger view. Enjoy!

-Mr. Mendo


View or Download Paper in App Store – Free with in-app purchases



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3 responses to “App Review: Paper by FiftyThree – A Drawing App for the iPad

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  2. KidsShakespeare

    Thanks for posting about this app! I am always looking for more creative apps to express my own creativity.

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